'Kestrels' is a high quality photo book with a rare insight into the lives of Egyptian kestrel pairs, as they begin their annual cycle of breeding, incubating eggs, and raising their young. It offers a unique glimpse of nature at its rawest, as the kestrels hunt for prey of small birds, insects, geckos, and mice.

The book features the best photographs taken over a period of five years between 2015-2019, by Georgina Cole, a British ex-pat who has lived in El Gouna on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt for the past 15 years.

The photographer's apartment is directly opposite the nest, allowing a unique opportunity to observe the activities of the kestrels, using a super-zoom lens, without any disturbance to the birds. The apartment roof terrace gives a panoramic view of the surrounding area, which is perfect to observe the kestrels’ hunting.

With declining populations worldwide, the Kestrel now has an amber conservation status in the UK, and is listed as a species of conservation concern across Europe.

The 25 cm x 20 cm, 86-page hardback photo book includes over 100 high quality photographs, and has been printed with ProLine Pearl photo paper with a lustre finish. It is perfect for the coffee table, with a rare insight into the day to day lives of these magnificent birds of prey in El Gouna, Egypt, 430 km south of Cairo.

(The book is also available to purchase with a soft cover, or to download as an eBook.)

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The book is available with a hard cover, soft cover, or to download as an eBook

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About the Photographer:

Georgina Cole is a British ex-pat who retired and moved to Egypt in 2004. A passion for photography developed as she travelled around the country exploring nature both above and below water.
Her home opposite the kestrels’ nest is in the beautiful Red Sea resort of El Gouna, surrounded by colourful Nubian style buildings, turquoise blue lagoons, and with views of the Red Sea islands to the east, and desert mountains to the west.

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